Originally founded by will in 1704, The United Charities of Abel Collin now own sixty-three homes on a single site within extensive gardens situated at Derby Road, Beeston, Nottingham (near the junction with Wollaton Road).

Today the charity is administered by a group of trustees whose aim is to provide good quality modern homes offering independent living for people with a limited income.

Q: What type of property is there?

A: There is a mix of two-bedroom houses and one- and two- bedroom bungalows offering accommodation for one or two persons.

Q: Do I qualify to live at the Collin’s Homes?

A: To meet our initial requirements applicants must be:

We regret that we are unable to house pets, except caged birds or fish.

If you think you meet these initial criteria, please contact our Administrator by telephone (any weekday morning), or email.

Q: What charges are made at the Collin's Homes?

A: Residents are required to contribute towards the cost of maintaining the homes and the essential services of heating and lighting. This combined charge is known as a Weekly Maintenance Contribution (WMC) and consists of two elements. The maintenance element of the contribution is the equivalent of rent, and is eligible for housing benefit. The second part, that is the charge for heating and lighting (gas and electricity) is not eligible for housing benefit.

The costs of gas and electricity are pooled and then divided according to the type of dwelling. By having the utility charges over the entire site under one contract, we are able to negotiate more favourable tariffs with our utility providers.

Water and sewerage charges are covered by the charity, and there is currently no charge to residents. There is also a concessionary TV licence which covers the entire site.

Council tax is a personal tax and is not covered by any of our charges. Any council tax for which residents are liable have to be paid direct to the Council. The Collin's Homes are in the Broxtowe Borough Council area.

To obtain details of our current charges please contact our Administrator for further information.

Q: What social opportunities are there?

A: There is a recreation hall on the site which is for all residents’ use. Coffee mornings and other social events, such as line dancing and bingo sessions, are held during the week, and we hold a Christmas tea each year. Books and videos can be borrowed from the hall.  A hairdresser visits the site each week.

Q: What if I need help?

A: There is a full-time warden who lives on the site and who frequently visits residents. All homes are connected to an alarm system with 24-hour emergency cover. The Administrator, who handles day-to-day administration from an on-site office, can also offer advice and assistance. Members of the trustee board visit residents from time to time.

Q: Is it easy to get into Nottingham?

A: There is a regular bus service to the city centre with stops outside the site. Beeston has a very good local shopping centre which can also be reached by bus, or on foot if you are a keen walker.

Q: How do I apply to live at the Collin’s Homes?

A: By completing our application form (contact us). Applicants are required to provide two references, proof of age and evidence of being in receipt of housing benefit. An interview is carried out at the applicant’s home, after which recommendation is made to the Board of Trustees. Admission to the Collin’s homes is at the discretion of the Trustee Board.